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Challenges to Darwin's Theory

Mathematical Challenges to Darwin's Theory of Evolution

July 22, 2019

Interesting discussion between David Berlinski (Philosopher, Mathematician, Author), David Gelernter (Computer Scientist at Yale, Author), and Stephen Meyer (Scientist, Philosopher, Author), on the Challenges that face Darwin's Theory as being the truth. Gelernter's Essay "Giving up Darwin" is used as a guide in directing the discussion.

-One cannot use Darwin's analysis of the changes and variations among species as evidence to prove the Theory of Evolution to be true/factual.

-Gelernter says that it was no joy to give up such a beautiful theory. I found this particular statement interesting because it shows an academic's struggle in giving up something he has held to be the truth for such a long time! In pursuit of Truth (especially in science) one needs to give way to truth when it presents itself, otherwise there is no growth and movement forward. One must also be careful not to judge new evidence through the lens of a biased paradigm. He also makes a comment about the emotions and reactions ("bitter, fundamental, angry, outraged, violent reactions") of his fellow colleagues (at Yale) when challenged on their belief in Evolution. The way he sees it is that he was attacking their "religion" - which is why they responded the way the did!

-One major problem to the Theory of evolution is the Cambrian explosion, "Darwinian Evolution is gradual, step by step. Yet in the Cambrian explosion, a striking variety of new organisms - including the first ever animals - pop up suddenly in the fossil record..." (i.e there are no transitory fossils which show the evolution of one species into another!). Darwin himself knew that this was a problem and says so in The Origin of Species. In the "Darwinian view of things", the Cambrian Explosion is an unexpected event - biologically, mathematically, and geologically. "The Cambrian Explosion is not only an explosion of biological form, but also an explosion of Biological information! Which brings us to more problems with the Darwinian theory:

-Molecular Biology - which Darwin did not have access to..... "The biggest discovery of 20th century biology (following Watson and Cricks discovery of DNA in 1953) is the Molecular Biological Revolution"! Meyer speaks about "code", and if one is to have a new form of life - you need to have code inscribed on the spine of the DNA molecule to direct the process...

-Mutations - are discussed. If they come in late in the development of the organism they will not make a major difference for change, and if they come early - they will prove destructive for the organism! So when is a mutation to take place!

***Meyers is asked "Tell us what Intelligent design is that distinguishes it from some kind of effort to sneak God in from some kind of 'back door'?

"What we know from experience is that whenever we trace information (whether we find it in hieroglyphics, a paragraph in a book, a message imbedded in a radio wave, or a computer code) to its ultimate source we come to a mind - not to a material process - therefore, these undirected evolutionary mechanisms that have been proposed as an explanation for the origin of information fail...from a materialistic evolutionary stand point don't have any explanation for the origin of information that is necessary to build new biological forms...what we are seeing in life is evidence of the activity of a directing mind in the history of life" This is also what Meyers argues in his books Signature in the Cell, and Darwin's Doubt.

-Another really interesting part of the discussion during this interview is when Gelernter asks that if there was an intelligent designer who is responsible for us and the world we live in - "How did he manage to back himself into so many corners, wasting energy on so many organisms? What was his purpose? and why did he do such a slipshod job? Why are we so disease prone, heartbreak prone, and so on?... no matter how one looks at it the bad seems to outweigh the good!" Meyer's response is that he can explain it from a theological standpoint (doesn't get into it) but not a scientific standpoint. When he looks at nature he sees two things - the evidence of design and the evidence of decay.

The 'sin factor' clearly explains this nicely. Perhaps its the only explanation. At the fall of Man, God's word is clear - both the earth and people lose their original place and decay from that point forward.

**Meyers states that the case for Intelligent design, is not a deduction or interpretation from scriptural texts, its an inference from biological evidence.

-"Darwinism is no longer just a scientific theory but the basis of a worldview, and an emergency religion for the many troubled souls who need one" - David Gelernter

-Darwin filled a niche in our intellectual life that was necessary to give an account of where all the organisms come from....

- at the 53:45 time of video - Meyer states why Darwinism "gets it wrong", and that we need to move onwards.......

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