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The Bible Paradigm


“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord”

Isaiah 1:18


What is reality? Why do we do what we do? What is the meaning of life? What are the factors and influences that govern our thoughts? What is the Truth of all things? These types of questions and many, many more have perplexed people for millennia from all over the world and from all cultures and races since the very beginning of civilization. Understandably, taking into consideration our limitations, some people believe that we will never find the answers to such questions. Is such the case?


Reality and the World

The truth of the matter is that there can only be 3 ways of seeing reality and the world in which we live. Reality and the world is either seen and accepted from what individuals are taught in their upbringing, education and culture, or, Reality and the world is experienced and accepted based on our own perceptions, understanding, and personal experience.  Or perhaps, it is a combination of the previous two. Whatever the case may be, to be part of this world automatically involves our participation.  


The “Participation Factor”

People, therefore, must make a conscience decision between being active participants or inactive participants. Of course, the Truth and all of our interactions, education, and decisions are hindered when we are exposed to the writings and teachings of ‘famous’, ‘learned’, ‘intelligent’ people who claim that there is no meaning to Life. Academia, within the science community, continue to believe and teach that Life simply evolved from nothing, and that Life simply occurred by chance. Others, within the field of Philosophy, claim that everything we see, including ourselves, is not real, and that nothing is real unless it is experienced by the individual. Most people have heard of the well known Metaphysical question: ‘If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one present – does it make a sound’? Einstein himself is quoted as saying that “reality is an illusion”. And as confusing as all of this may appear to be, one must not get discouraged, disoriented, or get lost in the metaphorical forest of possibilities. It has been my experience that we must come back to the ‘participation factor’. Whatever the Truth may be, concerning all things, our decision is simple, do we want to actively and consciously participate in this world and reality and make our own decisions about our lives and what we believe? Or, does any of this simply not matter and do we simply ‘go with the flow’ as to what is presented by the world as being the Truth?


Two Possible Paradigms Through Which We See

In our present day, there are only two possible paradigms through which we see and participate. Either everything we see before us is as the majority of the scientific community still hold to be true, and all by chance and a result of a material process that has evolved over time and in which nothing has meaning, or, there is a plan and a purpose behind all that we see, feel, and experience. Ironically enough, the one branch of education that has been used for the past 150 years in supporting evolution is the same branch of study that can be used today to prove the opposite. Science, and the Biological Revolution of the 20th and 21st centuries have begun to uncover the truth behind the information and code within each living cell which demonstrates that the chances that life evolved from nothing is astronomically minimal or non-existent (see the “Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution” video in the review section for more information). Whatever the case may be, we remain at a crossroad, and a personal decision must be made.


The Truth Must be Experienced

A person cannot be shown a Bible and told that it is the truth and expect the individual to simply believe it to be the truth. The same should also be the case for scientific theories. A person can not be shown a science textbook (which promotes the theory of evolution and the doctrine of Materialism) and told that it is the truth (which is what is promoted in schools today). The truth must be experienced by the individual, and all theories and possibilities (including Intelligent Design) must be presented and explored (which is not happening in schools today). Once again, ironically enough, this form of experience mirrors the fundamental step in the scientific method, in that, before one may arrive at a conclusion of truth, it must be tested and proven to be the truth.

O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. (Psalms34:8)


How Can We See God?

The best evidence of His existence, and to see God, is to meet Him personally in one’s life. God will reveal Himself to those who seek Him wholeheartedly, with a sincere and humble heart. We once again come to the importance of our participation. If we choose to accept the leading scientific theories that support the doctrine of Materialism whereby nothing has meaning, then this is the reality that one will be supporting. This is also the reality for those who choose not to participate. If one chooses to be among these people, one automatically makes their choice through their neutral position. These are the people that the scriptures refer to as the “lukewarm”, which is not a good place to be. One of the negative consequences for those who choose the “Natural” view of reality will be that they will not see the Scriptures for what they are, and will see them as foolishness:

But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians 2:14


Simply by Deduction

If one is willing to admit that human beings are limited in their cognitive abilities and that we do not have any of the answers to the big questions in understanding all truths, then it stands to reason that there is at least a slight chance that the scriptures are in fact the truth. And if there is a slight chance that the God of Heaven is real, and that in order to redeem and save humanity a redemptive plan of salvation has been put into place through His Son’s sacrifice at the cross, then how will you respond? Do you look into the matter to see if God is real and that He sacrificed His Son for you? Or will you ignore the matter all together? Please understand that your response to this information will not only identify the type of person that you are, but it can also mean the difference between life and death.


Satan, Alive and Well

One of the main obstacles that a person may find with Christianity and their search for Truth is that Christianity has been misrepresented over the millennia. God’s adversary has been busy from the very beginning of the world to see to it that the God of heaven and His truth are misrepresented. It must also be pointed out that God’s kingdom is not of this world and that all the kingdoms and governments are being controlled by God’s Adversary. There is currently a movement in the world that is bringing the world under a one world government and rule, and Satan is alive and well. And this of course can be seen as the mother of all conspiracies by anyone who simply does not have the historical background or the Scriptural knowledge to assist them in seeing what is taking place in the world today.

In the end, it will be about which side you will choose to become part of. Will you choose the World and the New World Order as dictated by Satan through the ‘Natural Man’? Or will you choose to be part of God’s faithful? For those who are sincere and willing to venture forward and make a choice for God, the Truth will reveal itself to you.


Making the Choice

What does it mean exactly, to make a choice for God? It is not about joining a church or praising and worshipping in large groups. It is not about raising funds for the needy, or about participating in retreats or a mission’s trip. As wonderful as all these examples may be, these are only some the fruits that a person may choose to experience during their spiritual walk.

Making a choice for God is about meeting a person. A person that longs to communicate with you. A person that wants to be part of your life but can not make the first move because it must be your decision and about your free choice. God will not force Himself upon anyone. Making a choice for God is about walking with a new friend. A friend you can trust wholeheartedly. A friend that will never let you down. It’s about meeting a loving Father you never knew you had. It is about an intimate, personal relationship that no one else will be part of or know about. Because He knew you before you were born, it is about a reunion with the life force that gives you your being. It is about returning home. A home of love, peace, and fulfilment.

As anyone can see, from the previous examples of scripture, the depth of God’s love for us His children is unparalleled, and it invites us to respond and to participate. How can anyone simply remain indifferent, unresponsive, or neutral with such passages? How will you respond?

For the Christian, the scriptures make it explicitly clear that the Bible must be the Paradigm through which we govern our lives and see the Truth. The only other option is Man and the World.

For those who are searching for the Truth, the Bible must be a viable paradigm through which one can investigate, primarily because of two very good reasons. Firstly, because it identifies itself as the Truth. And secondly, because we are limited and do not have all the answers. And thus, the Bible is therefore as viable as any other option.

Let us venture forward and participate. Let us take a risk and challenge what we find along the way. Let us take a journey into the pages of the Bible and see what it is all about. Let us see for ourselves if it is truly a viable option for those seeking the truth. It would certainly be an honourable response to such a loving invitation…………………

Stay tuned………………………………………………

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