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Dear friends,  

     It is my hope and prayer that as you make your way through Allegiance7000, you may be blessed with the knowledge that the God of heaven loves us all, and that He longs to speak and communicate with each and every one of us. “Come now, and let us reason together, Says the Lord " (Isaiah 1:18).

It is my firm belief that the light and love of God will shine brightly for those who will respond to His invitation. And it is also my prayer that through this response one learns of God's saving grace as it is in His son Jesus.


     God's message in His Word is clear, and simple, for anyone to comprehend. At the beginning of our existence, the human Race transgressed from God and lost its original place. And as a result of this transgression, sin, decay, and death became part of this world, and continues to affect the lives of all its inhabitants unto this day. However, people should not despair. There is hope. From the very beginning of this world, God put into place His plan of redemption which involved giving up His Son as an atoning sacrifice for the fallen Human Race! The book of Romans states that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8)!! God's love for us is so deep that He gave up his only Son - that we might live (John 3:16). What an incredible act of Love! But why an atoning sacrifice? Where is God? If God exists and He is God and all powerful, then why does He continue to allow all the darkness and heartache to continue? God does not leave us in the dark. God answers these questions in His Word.


     It has also been my experience that although His Word is the benchmark whereby all doctrines and truth must be judged, God reveals Himself to us in many many ways. He reveals himself to us through people, nature, music, and even science. It is my hope that there may be something for you to connect with through the many diverse tabs found within this site, and that you are prompted to study His Word for yourself and discover the many marvelous truths and promises that God wants to share with us. Please check in from time to time for updates within all sections.


     1 John 4:16 states that God is love. And as wonderful as this message may be in describing God's character, it is only half the message if one does not also identify that God is God, and that He is Judge, and that He is returning to set things back to their rightful place. And time is definitely of the essence since Biblical prophecies clearly outline our History, and the present state of our world, and that we are living in the end times and on the eve of Christ's return! 


     People are quick to judge God when tragedies take place, when the blame should be placed elsewhere. Where is God's adversary in all of this? Why doesn't anyone ever blame Satan?  Jesus refers to Satan as the prince of this world several times in the Gospel of John, which pretty much sums it up as to the reason the world is in the state that it is in.  At "the Fall", Man lost his dominion of this world to Satan. And he will remain in power until the return of Christ. "As cloaked as he may be – the Word of God exposes Satan and his evil forces. Just as the Bible clearly identifies Jesus as the promised Messiah, the Christ – it also clearly identifies the historical beginning and current status of the Antichrist" (Section 63, pg. 112).


     The 'dye has been cast', and we all have a part to play and a decision to make.

     Will you stand for the God of heaven? Or will you join the world and the ranks of a false system that will clothe itself in the garments of  "humanism" and the "Common Good"!?

     In the end, where will your allegiance lie?




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